ERYT500 | Holistic Health Coach | Mindfulness Facilitator | Speaker | Adventurer


Hi, my name is Chelsea. I’m a dedicated student of yoga for life and am humbled to hold the space of a teacher.

I teach mindfulness as a living moving practice and I see yoga and meditation as powerful tools to unlock those practices with full awareness.

My belief is that yoga is something that happens in all aspects of life, moment by moment, and with dedication and honest self-study, we can unlock our full potential to move through life gracefully, with sustained ease, acceptance, and true joy.

Yoga is for ‘every body’ and its benefits are limitless, but that we have to be willing to show up for ourselves and make choices about what serves us and what does not – body, mind, and spirit.


What we do with our moments builds and collects to write the story of our lives, giving us room to grow, to live with purpose and on purpose!

I try to carry the same passion for yoga into all of my endeavors as a holistic nutrition coach, snowboarder, world traveler, outdoor enthusiast, self-proclaimed food geek, and writer. I have had articles featured in various health and wellness publications including Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, Yogi Times and Gaia.

I can’t wait to share the journey with you!